Exciting news! Wirripang are now publishing some of my works, and they're able to offer them cheaper than I can. Check it out:

Many of the others are available through the Australian Music Centre:

Some of the scores below have an 'annoying watermark' to encourage you to contact me to purchase, at very reasonable prices, legit copies, which may also include parts or TAB. Parts are available for all ensemble works. Email me at karlinglove[at] if you are interested.

If you just want to play off the watermarked file, at least tell me when you perform so the royalty collecting agencies will know to give me a few cents for your efforts. Besides, it's nice to know when they get played. I'd also appreciate any insights into your experience of learning them. Thanks!


Chamber ensembles (mixed instruments)

Four for Tea (oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, piano) Four for tea 1st mvt 2020 watermarkedFour for tea 1st mvt 2020 watermarked (497.07 KB) MIDI approximations of both movements are at

Guitar Quintet: by the sea (classical guitar and string quartet) Guitar quintet watermarkedGuitar quintet watermarked (672 KB)

Light in the Tunnel (piano trio: piano, violin, cello) Love light in the tunnel 2017 watermarkedLove light in the tunnel 2017 watermarked (710.38 KB)



Cape Boulanger: Tombeau à Maugé et Isle de Marie (11-course French baroque lute) Tombeau a mauge et isle de marie watermarkedTombeau a mauge et isle de marie watermarked (263.97 KB)

Lute Study No. 1 - at a still pool listening (11-course French baroque lute) lute-study-1-edit.pdf lute-study-1-edit.pdf

Lute Study No. 2 - a gigue-influenced rondo, sometimes in 7 Lute study 2 rondo watermarkedLute study 2 rondo watermarked (194.34 KB)

Nuages (11-course French baroque lute) Nuages watermarkedNuages watermarked (199.97 KB)

Pointe des Organistes (Cape Huay) (11-course French baroque lute) Pointe des organistes watermarkedPointe des organistes watermarked (212.88 KB)

On the Waves (11-course French baroque lute) On the waves watermarkedOn the waves watermarked (124.4 KB)



Sweet Lemons: Dances for Broken Strings (solo guitar) sweet-lemons-e-d.pdf sweet-lemons-e-d.pdf


Flute and guitar

Deepwater 1 (alto flute and guitar) (formerly Blackwater 1) Now available through Wirripang:



Clarinet Quartet for Vasco Pyjama (Eb, Bb, A and Bass clarinets) Clarinet quartet for vasco pyjama concert pitch scoreClarinet quartet for vasco pyjama concert pitch score (326.2 KB)

Fantasy on 'Grey Rocks, Grey Sea': a Chordwainers shanty (Eb, Bb, F basset horn or Eb alto, bass). This is based on a tune created by The Chordwainers who play leather instruments made by the late Tasmanian sculptor, Garry Greenwood. Grey rocks grey sea fantasy scoreGrey rocks grey sea fantasy score (231.95 KB)

Dancing with Trees (solo clarinet) Now available through Wirripang:

Whitewater (Bb clarinet and guitar) Folk influences, from ambient to a lively celtic romp. Duration 5:15 Whitewater watermarkedWhitewater watermarked (240.68 KB)



These pieces are for developing ensemble skills. Instead of dynamics, I have indicated the role each part is fulfilling: melody, countermelody, bass line, etc. In sections in which all parts are contributing to the same effect I have marked them 'tutti' and used conventional dynamic markings. All parts are of similar difficulty and fulfil a variety of roles. They are labeled as 'Cello !' or 'Cello #' rather than 'Cello 1' or 'Cello 2'.

Scrolling in the Park (2 cellos). Also available in C (a fifth lower and easier) for 2 cellos or 2 violas or 2 guitars, and in (written) F for 2 clarinets.Scrolling in the park GScrolling in the park G (128 KB)

Six Ears for 3 cellos:

disturbingly beautiful. There are two endings available: one that stays slow, and another that changes into a lively dance. 

Role Play. This one is the most difficult.

Grumble. This one is easier than the others. 

Not Yet.

Score and parts available through Wirripang:



Walking in the Labyrinth (concert band, approx Gr. 3) 

Score and parts available through Wirripang:

Percussion technique videos: Suspended cymbal on timpani and Bowed Glockenspiel 

Beyond the Break (novice concert band) Beyond the Break, and warm-up exercises scoreBeyond the Break, and warm-up exercises score (417.71 KB) Recordings by the Hobart Wind Symphony:

Musings on a Bach Sarabande (wind ensemble/concert band) Klove musings on a bach sarabande scoreKlove musings on a bach sarabande score (287.57 KB). Score and parts available through Wirripang:

On Power (electric guitar and symphonic wind ensemble)  On power 1 cycles and chorale 200dpiOn power 1 cycles and chorale 200dpi (910.38 KB) On power 2 interlude 200dpiOn power 2 interlude 200dpi (743.47 KB) On power 3 gannets flight 200dpiOn power 3 gannets flight 200dpi (1.94 MB).  Or you can borrow it from the Australian Music Centre:  Good resolution score and parts pdfs are available to purchase from me: karlinglove[at]

Cloud Juice Stomp (wind ensemble/concert band) Cloud juice stomp 00 scoreCloud juice stomp 00 score (7.02 MB)

Assorted Colours (wind ensemble/concert band) in 4 movements Assorted colours 1 bogong and 2 holesAssorted colours 1 bogong and 2 holes (461.22 KB) Assorted colours 3 fogAssorted colours 3 fog (169.24 KB) Assorted colours 4 megafauna scoreAssorted colours 4 megafauna score (445.26 KB)


and more

For the Beauty of the Earth (arrangement) for organ For the beauty of the earth pp 1, 5-6, 9For the beauty of the earth pp 1, 5-6, 9 (116.08 KB). Performance by Vernon Greenstreet: Hammond organ For the Beauty of the Earth- HammondFor the Beauty of the Earth- Hammond (9.48 MB)  Pipe organ (St. John's Anglican, Launceston) For the Beauty of the Earth- Pipe organFor the Beauty of the Earth- Pipe organ (9.55 MB).

Swift Parrot from Three Bird Songs, lyrics by Rosie Schriever (SAB choir) Swift parrotSwift parrot (63 KB)

70% Cocoa (solo piano) 70 cocoa 2013 wm70 cocoa 2013 wm (134.63 KB) Score and parts available through Wirripang: