In It Together

Here's where I'm putting resources for learning 'In It Together'. There are bits of music notation, demo recordings, and text suggestions. I'll make them downloadable, but please use them only for learning the piece. Our real versions will be soooo much better!

'In It Together' is a participatory choral symphony that can include any voice or instrument (although if we get many Scottish bagpipes, they may need to be offstage!). It begins with a collective wordless, chant-like lament for whatever grief each of us is experiencing (that might be related to environmental issues, loss of friends and family, separation from people and places we love, financial hardship, big unanswered questions, etc.). The lament is followed by a drone-based time of stillness. It finishes with an energetic cacophony to revive, repair, reconnect - resolve to act positively in hope and love.

Individual parts come in a few difficulty levels, but there should be something easy enough for anyone. Reading music is not necessary. Listening to the demos will help, though. Scroll down for links and files. There will be projected and conducted cues. Mistakes won't exist, just surprises that we'll embrace and build on.

We gave it a first outing on August 28, 2021 with 50-60 participants. A good range of instruments and singers. The next one is August 20, 2022 at City Baptist, Launceston. Most of it went as hoped; a few things needed to be communicated better on the night, so I've fixed them up and look forward to giving it another go. 


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Music practice files

Here are YouTube links to demo recordings of the 1st and 3rd sections. The 2nd one will be really easy, so I may not get one uploaded for that.

1. Lament

This is a computer audio demo of the first section of 'In It Together'. It's based on a 3-beat feel. There's a low (A) note on every 2nd beat. Watch and listen to learn the melody, follow the written version for your instrument/voice if you want. When we do it for real, we'll repeat the whole melody 3 times (this demo is only once). It will build up more gradually and get a lot bigger.

3. Re!

This is a computer audio demo of the last section of 'In It Together' with some cautious, out-of-tune singing (which should make all other singers feel good about theirs!). It's based on a 6-beat (or slow 3) feel. Watch and listen to learn the melodies and chords, follow the written versions for your instrument/voice if you want. When we do it for real it will build up more gradually and get a lot bigger. There will also be lots of 're-' words projected on a screen for the singers to choose from.

The music notation files are in Dropbox at the moment: 

Message me if you can't access them, or if there isn't one that suits your instrument or voice. 



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