List of compositions

Composition list

Karlin Greeenstreet Love: Compositions

Walking in the Labyrinth (concert band) 2016


Absence Makes the Heart Grow...  an installation/performance for actor, live electronics, and pre-recorded crickets and other sounds 2016


Four for Tea. Woodwind and piano quartet (pno, ob, cl, bsn) 2015

Light in the Tunnel. Piano trio (pno, vln, vc) 2015


Disturbingly beautiful. Cello or viola trio. 2015

Grumble. Cello or viola trio. 2015

Not Yet. Cello trio. 2015.

Role Play. Cello trio. 2015


Scrolling in the Park. Duet for 2 cellos, violas, guitars, or clarinets. 2015


For The Beauty of the Earth. Arrangement for organ. 2014. Vernon Greenstreet, St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Oak Harbor, USA. December 2014.


Géographé pieces for for French Baroque Lute (for Susan King, numerous performances from 2012 onwards):

Oiseaux Exotiques

Tombeau à Isle de Marie et Maugé


Pointe des organistes

On the waves


Sweet Lemons for classical guitar. 2012.


Grey Rocks, Grey Sea Fantasy on a Chordwainers Shanty for clarinet quartet (Eb, Bb, Basset Horn, Bs. Cl) for Clarion 214. Australian Clarinet & Saxophone Festival. Melbourne. July 2011.


Heterophony 2 for leather orchestra. Tasmanian Leather Orchestra. Junction2010 Festival. Holy Trinity Church. Aug 2010.


Wentlemarch by The Chordwainers arr. for beginning band. 2010. UTCMP Intermediate Band, Heidi King, conductor. Nov 2011.


Fantasfare! for Tasmanian Brass Quintet. ISME conference. Beijing. August 2010.


Beyond the Break. for young band. Scotch Oakburn College Junior School. Princess Theatre. May 2010.


70% Cocoa for piano. 2009. Revised 2013.


The Twelve Days of Christmas. Arrangement for young band. Scotch Oakburn College Junior School. 2009.


Three bird songs: Swift Parrot, Winter Eagle, Pigeons. Lyrics by Rosie Schriever. 2009.


even in the city you can still see stars...   for Wind Ensemble. 2009. University of Tasmania Wind Orchestra, Stephen King, cond. ASME National Conference, Launceston. July 2009, rev. 2014.


Lute Study No. 2 for French baroque lute. 2008


Lute Study No. 1: at a still pool, listening... for French baroque lute. 2008. Susan King.

Duet version. 2009 11-course lutes. 2014 for 8-course Renaissance lutes.

Arranged for recorder and organ 2009.


Labyrinth for violin, recorder/flute, guitar, bell 2007. Performed by Margaret Hoban, Hannah vanGalen, Laura vanGalen and Karlin Love.  Emmanuel Centre. April 2007.


Torrent for bass clarinet and guitar. 2006. Performed by Karen Dennis and Karlin Love. Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. March 2006.


Deepwater (formerly Blackwater) II for alto flute and guitar. 2003-6. Performed by Jennifer MacDonald and Karlin Love. Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. March 2006.


Jocasta: Incidental music and songs.  A CentrStage production of play by Stella Kent. The Annexe Theatre, Inveresk. Sept. 2005.


Fifty Years  for piano and pipe organ.  2005.


Grey Sea Shanty for leather horns. 2004 Performed by the Chordwainers since Aug. 2004.


Dancing with Trees for unaccompanied clarinet. 2004. Karlin Love, clarinet.  St. John's Anglican Church.  Feb. 12, 2005.


Heterophony for leather orchestra. 2003. For 20+ leather instruments. Members of the University and Community Music Program and Chordwainers.  Inveresk site of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. Nov. 13, 2003.


Musings on a Bach Sarabande for wind ensemble. 2003. University of Tasmania Wind Orchestra, Monte Mumford, cond. Scotch Oakburn College, Launceston. November 8, 2003.   (also arranged for large brass ensemble with vibraphone.)


Tears for electric guitar and Tibetan singing bowl. 2003. Performed by Karlin Love and Ed Love. Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. March 2006.


Whitewater for clarinet and classical guitar. 2002. Katrina Chilcott, clarinet and Karlin Love, guitar.  Clarendon, Evandale.  Aug. 1, 2004.


Deepwater (formerly Blackwater) I for alto flute and classical guitar. 2002-3. Jennifer MacDonald, flute and Karlin Love, guitar.  Newstead College Composers 2003 concert, St. John's, Launceston.  October 24, 2003.  


Darjeeling a deux. arrangement of 'Tea for Two' for flute and guitar. 2002. 5:45

Jennifer MacDonald, flute and Karlin Love, guitar.  "Oasis" concert, Home Hill, Devonport. 10 Feb. 2002.


Gloria setting for guitar and unison voices. 2002.


Dragon’s Garden  Black rose horn and Dragon didjeridu.  2002. Karlin Love and Ron Nargorcka.  "Devils of the Night" CD launch concert.  Launceston, Free Reformed Church.  Aug. 2002.


Inveresk Fanfare for leather instruments.  3 min.  For the opening of the Inveresk site of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. Nov. 2001.


Leather Concertino for leather instrument ensemble and symphonic wind ensemble.  11 min.  Commissioned by Monte Mumford and the University of Tasmania Wind Orchestra.  Premiered 8 March, 2003, Melba Hall, University of Melbourne with the Chordwainers leather instrument ensemble: Karlin Love, Lila Meleisea, Andrew Sulzberger and Bruce Innocent. 2001.


Looking for Edges for concert band.  2000.  11 min.  28 Oct. 2000. University of Tasmania Concert Band, Stephen King, cond.


Eucalyptus globulus.  solo clarinet. 1999.  Karlin Love, clarinet. Launceston, Ritchie's Mill Gallery.


On Power for electric guitar and symphonic wind ensemble. 1999. 12 min. 29 May 1999 (partial) and October 29, 1999 (complete).  Albert Hall, Launceston. University of Tasmania Wind Orchestra, Monte Mumford, cond., Darryl Kerkham, guitar.


Over The Top arranged for saxophone quartet (1998) or concert band (1999) 3 min.  Band version premiered 21 August, 1999.  Novotel Ballroom, Launceston.  University of Tasmania Wind Orchestra, Monte Mumford, cond. Saxophone quartet premiered Jan. 2002, Community Summer Music School.  Joel Dullard, Karlin Love, Jason Clendenning and Matthew Dudfield.


Flow and Ebb for clarinet trio, drum and Tibetan singing bowls. 1999. 10 min.  27 February, 1999.  “Reeds and Drums” Chalmers, Launceston. Karlin Love, Katrina Chilcott, Meagan Potter, Bruce Innocent.


Slow Rain Song  for classical guitar. 1999. 1:30.  14 February, 1999.  “Bush and the Beat” Coastal Art Gallery, Burnie.  Karlin Love, guitar.


Wavy Volute for classical guitar. 1998. 3 min.  12 February, 1999.  “Bush and the Beat” Chalmers, Launceston.  Karlin Love, guitar.


Warrener for classical guitar. 1998. 2:30.  12 February, 1999.  “Bush and the Beat” Chalmers, Launceston.  Karlin Love, guitar.


Banded Kelp Shell for classical guitar. 1998. 2 min.  12 February, 1999. “Bush and the Beat”  Chalmers, Launceston.  Karlin Love, guitar.


Wentletrapping  tape collage of environmental sounds, leather bowhorns, clarinet and didjeridu. 1998. 5 min.  18 October 1998. “Beaming the Theremin” Grainger Museum, Melbourne.


Emerald Boa for clarinet quartet and symphony orchestra.  Commissioned by ‘Clarity’.  14 min. 1998.


Cloud Juice Stomp for concert band.  1997.  5 min. Commissioned by the King Island Concert Band. Premiered November 1997.


Ps. 152 for alto saxophone and piano.  1997.  10 min. Commissioned by Franziska Schroeder and Sally McRae. Premiered Sept. 29, 1997 at the Australian Women’s Music Festival, Sydney.


Emerald Boa for clarinet quartet. 1997.  11 min. Commissioned by ‘Clarity’ Premiered September 1997 in Darwin.


Surround for string orchestra. 1997.  Commissioned by the Residential String Summer School.  17 January, 1997; Burnie Town Hall; Residential String Summer School Orchestra, Jenny Kimber, cond.


After the Beep a music theatre work for leather instruments and pay telephone.  1996.  Supported by an Arts Tasmania grant.  "Avant-Garde VIII: the Octave"; Earl Arts Centre, Launceston; Karlin Love, Suzanne Dent, Marc Mumford, Bruce Innocent, Emma Braden, Ron Nagorcka. Bowhorns, tuba, violin, sampler, voices, and percussion.


Fanfare for the Common Cow, four leather bowhorns, dragon horn, Windform, and drum. 1995.  Instruments by Garry Greenwood, leather sculptor.

Commissioned by ASME for opening ceremony of 10th National Conference.

29 June, 1995.  Australian Society for Music Education 10th National Conference. Wrest Point Convention Centre, Hobart; Brian Brown, Karlin Love, Suzanne Dent, Monte Mumford, Marc Mumford and Bruce Innocent.


Pinhead Dancing, alto sax, trombone, percussion, double bass. 1995.

Commissioned by Andrew Sweeney.  Premiered March 10, 2000; "Tasmanian Made - Tasmanian Played: Windsongs and Fanfares". Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston; Jabra Latham, Monte Mumford, Tracy Patten, Pip Strickland.


The Backdoor to Joy, a capella vocal ensemble. 1995. 

Commissioned by the Jane Franklin Singers.  2 April, 1995; Tasmanian Conservatorium Recital Hall, Hobart; Jane Franklin Singers.


Exit, SATB choir.  Text by Luci Shaw.  1995.  Premiered 22 May 1999.  "Tasmanian Made - Tasmanian Played: Vox Tasmanica". Jenny Bakun, Sue Wilson, Sophie Kelly, Olivia Rigby, Karlin Love, Travis Hennessy, Matt Dudfield, Stephen King, John Leggett.


Extensions, Clarinet duets. 1993-5.

14 October, 1994; "Avant-Garde: the Odditorium", Centre for Performing Arts, University of Tasmania, Launceston; Karlin Love and Sherryn Hepher, clarinets.

'Sigh' and 'Wail' (1995): 2 July, 1995; ASME 10th National Conference, Wrest Point Convention Centre, Hobart; Karlin Love and Sherryn Hepher, clarinets.


Zanthedeschia, soprano bowhorn. 1994.  Instrument by Garry Greenwood.

28 June, 1994; "New Sounds from Down Under", Brechemin Auditorium, University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A.; Karlin Love, bowhorn.


Squash Racket, Tekcar hsauqs, Trombone quartet (and squash court).  1992.

3 October, 1992; "Avant-garde On The Move" Squash Court, University of Tasmania at Launceston.  University Trombone Ensemble, Monte Mumford, director.


Blue Alleluia, 3 alto saxophones and an art gallery.  1991.

17 November, 1991; "Out of the Blue" ArtHouse, Ritchie's Mill, Launceston.  Teresa Jordan, Katie McCausland and Karlin Love, saxophones.


Clarinet Quartet for Vasco Pyjama, Eb cl, Bb cl, A cl, Bb bass cl.  1991, rev. 1992.

26 October, 1991; "Avant-garde After Dark - Again!", New Lecture Theatre, University of Tasmania at Launceston; University Clarinet Ensemble.


Collaboration: a sound experiment for open-minded performers and disrespectful audience, 1991.

26 October, 1991; "Avant-garde After Dark - Again!", New Lecture Theatre, University of Tasmania at Launceston; Karlin Love, cl, Monte Mumford, trb, Bruce Innocent, perc.


Assorted Colours for symphonic wind ensemble. 1991, rev., 2003.

11 October, 1991; Stanley Burbury Theatre, University of Tasmania at Sandy Bay.

University Wind Orchestra, Monte Mumford, cond.


Polkawaltz for Tuboe, tuba and oboe.  1990.

29 November, 1990; New Lecture Theatre, Tasmanian State Institute of Technology.   Duncan McFie, tuba, Lois Dunn, oboe.


Monsoon, piano with ping pong balls.  1990.

14  and 20 September, 1990.  "Avant-garde After Dark", New Lecture Theatre, T.S.I.T.;  Carolynne Dent and Kent Gibbins.


Matins and Lauds, solo clarinet and humming audience.   1989, Rev. 1991.

20 August, 1990; "Avant-garde After Dark", Centre for Performing Arts, T.S.I.T.

Revised version: 8 December, 1991; Chalmers, Launceston, Tas.; Karlin Love, cl.


North E.S.K., 3 Bb clarinets.  1989. Rev. 1991.

3 December, 1989; "Avant-garde Apres-midi," Centre for Performing Arts, T.S.I.T.

Suzanne Dent, Elowyn Leonard, Karlin Love, clarinets.


Boyadvitsagrad Night, mandolin, gtr, harp.  1989.

3 July, 1994; "Composing Women Festival", Beckett Theatre, CUB Malthouse, Melbourne; Cassandra Azzaro, mandolin, Ken Murray, guitar, Mary Anderson, harp.


Ambidexterity Suite, cl, vla, pno.   1988.

May 1988.  University of Washington School of Music. Young Composers Concert; Karlin Love, cl, Jubilee Cook, vla, Anne-Marie Scotto, pno.

23 February 1989, (revised version); University of Washington School of Music. Karlin Love, cl, Joyce Ramee, vla, Jennifer Hammill, pno.


Go Greyhound, viola duet.  1988.

7 July, 1994; Max Aronoff Viola Institute, Toledo, Washington; Lisa Killinger and Jennifer Glenn.


Incidental music and songs for University of Washington Professional Actors Training Program production of Servant of Two Masters.  1988.

5-13 May 1988.  Meany Theatre, University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A.


Two for Four in Five, cl, bass cl, vln, vcl.  1988.

January 1988. University of Washington School of Music. Chamber Music Recital; Karlin Love, cl, Beverly Setzer, bass cl, Margaret Thomas, vln, Joseph Bichsel, 'cello.


Jazz Dialogue for Violin and Trombone, 1987, rev. 1989.